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What sets Wallsburg Farms products apart from everyone else?


By combining modern manufacturing with traditional time proven natural ingredients and the newest natural ingredient discoveries, in a delicate balance with Mother Nature, we have produced a unique collection of affordable, all Natural Skin Care Products that REALLY WORK! The result is natural products that work in rhythm with nature to restore youthful beauty –naturally.

OUR SLOGAN OF “NATURE KNOWS BEST” IS THE BASIS OF ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS At Wallsburg Farms our philosophy and preparation is vastly different from any other skin care product you have ever encountered. We thoroughly research traditional time proven remedies as well as new scientific discoveries for natural ingredients with known beneficial effects - supporting our philosophy that “Nature Knows Best”. We believe that Nature preceded mankind and as such is more intelligent than mankind. Nature knows what it is doing. Nature works with processes. Nature takes its time. With respect to the human body, Nature works toward the end objective of the creation and restoration of life force.

WE USE PURE NATURAL FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS in our PRODUCTS.  Our ingredients read like a gourmet grocery list; you will recognize the ingredients and appreciate why they have been used in traditional medicinal balms and ointments for thousands of years. (You can click on the Ingredient Info button to read about the ingredients of any product).

High quality, food grade ingredients, form the basis of our products:

• Essential oils that are concentrated oil derivatives from plants:
• Natural nut and vegetable oils;
• Nutritional fruits, vegetables and Herbs;
• Other natural foods such as Wheat Germ oil, Lecithin and Honey.

After all food is what our bodies use to naturally protect our skin and make it soft, pliable and youthful. Natural ingredients more readily penetrate the skin to supply your body the natural oils, moisture and nutrients it needs to protect and repair itself. Our approach is - Feed the body with natural ingredients as close as possible to the way nature provides it and the body will intuitively know what to do with it. The closer to natural an ingredient is the more life force it has. That means, the least an ingredient is refined or processed the better it is. Whole ingredients are made up of two main components, the main ingredients or bulk ingredients plus the Micro ingredients. The micro ingredients must be present along with the main ingredients to maximize the real power of an ingredient to produce life force. It is the combination of everything Nature put there not just on isolated ingredient. Our preparations are natural ingredients that the body intuitively knows what to do with without the negative side effects common to chemistry.

OUR PREPARATIONS ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT - We produce in small batches for control of quality and consistency. We research into folk medicine to find traditional effective ingredients. We look to modern research and studies that have produced discoveries of new natural ingredients that have beneficial effects. We research to discover any scientific research that supports the claims that these natural ingredients have beneficial effects as well as… The effective levels of the ingredient needed to produce the beneficial effects. So our formulations have as much of the good stuff in our products to guarantee the end positive effect. We invite all to COMPARE OUR list of ingredients and the level of active ingredients with other leading labels. We produce our products at low temperatures to preserve beneficial ingredient activity. We produce in small batches for control of quality and consistency.

A PROMISE TO DO NO HARM - The skin is our largest organ. It is our only defense against outside influences, but it also defines what we look like and the means of how we re-produce. The wonder of our skin is that it is self re-newing – to a point. In the terms of “Quality of Life” the skin is one of our most important organs. Studies have shown that the skin readily absorbs most anything put on it. It is more like a sponge than a shield as once thought. Whatever you eat or absorb topically becomes part of you. Our body uses the food we provide it to fuel and build itself – we literally “are what we eat”. We resist consuming foods that are treated or contaminated with chemicals, yet don’t give the same consideration to the preparations we put ON our skin. We need to ask ourselves “would I be willing to eat what I’m applying to my skin?” Our approach is Toxin Free, results oriented natural products that your body intuitively recognizes as user friendly. No hidden fragrances, no hidden chemicals, no hidden agenda.

• OUR PRODUCTS WORK- We GUARANTEE IT. No questions asked.

What you Need to Know about Our Products...

Not all Natural Ingredients are good for your skin - the search for EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS

Not all Natural Ingredients are good for your skin, like poison ivy.  WALLSBURG FARMS research is focused on finding natural ingredients that are BENEFICIAL for the skin, that produce a beneficial EFFECT. We are also looking for the evidience that supports that beneficail effect, whether that evidence comes from scientific studies or folklore medicine.  Both can have value depending on YOUR point of view.


A product that contains a proven effective ingredient doesn’t necessarily contain an effective level of that ingredient.  An effective level is the amount of that ingredient needed to achieve the beneficial effect.  A chocolate chip that is dropped in a batch of sugar cookie dough doesn’t make them chocolate chip cookies.
It is NOT uncommon for a company to add less than effective levels of beneficial ingredients to a product so they can make claims.  So they can give  the appearance of being Natural or effective. It’s about Marketing and Profit not Effectiveness.

EDUCATIONAL MOMENT - Aloe Vera has known topical benefits to the skin.  It’s generally agreed upon effective level is 15%. That means if there are marketing claims for Aloe Vera it should probably be in the top 2 or three rankings of ingredients on the label.

WALLSBURG FARMS makes All Natural Skin Care products (that contain effective levels of  effective natural ingredients) that REALLY WORK!

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