We want to be your partner.

Our approach

Think of us as “artisan crafted quality meets state-of-the-art technique”. Our team of formulators and product developers combine natural formulation principles with the best scientific and technological advances to ensure your product is pure, effective and cutting edge. With a focus on innovation- we welcome all concepts and ideas… big or small. If you can think of it- we can do it!

Small batches. Big results.

As a small-batch manufacturer we pride ourselves in being able to meet the needs of all of our clients… whether your just getting started or you’ve been in business a long time.  Small batch doesn’t mean playing it small. To us- it’s not only a way of manufacturing but a concept as to how we believe all business should be. And as your business grows, we have the ability to scale right alongside you; without sacrificing quality!

State-of-the-art manufacturing begins with simplicity.

As new ideas, ingredients, and technology continue to change the industry and consumer demand- its important now more than ever to focus on what really matters. State-of-the-art doesn’t mean dismissing the importance of basic manufacturing principles. And we haven’t haven’t forgotten that. Research, development, quality control, and an attention to detail is the primary focus behind every product we produce!