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Our approach

Our team of chemists and product developers combine known traditional plant based remedies with the best scientific and technological advances to ensure your product is pure, effective and potent.

Small batches. Big results.

Think of our process as artisan, handcrafted natural skin care. Each formulation is made in small batches with attention to purity, simplicity and potency to ensure the highest quality. Small batches require fewer additional ingredients and fewer preservatives. But don’t let the idea of small batches fool you, we can still produce high volume runs to meet your production needs.

State-of-the-art manufacturing begins with simplicity.

Taking a page from Mother’s Nature’s playbook, our commonly used ingredients look more like a gourmet shopping list than a chemist’s formula. At Wallsburg Farms, we believe the body knows what to do with plant material, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. While we specialize in high-quality natural formulations with simple, clean, ingredients, our team of formulators can also create the prefect formula for you regardless of the complexity.

Commonly used ingredients:

  • Essential Oils that are concentrated derivatives from plants
  • Natural Nut and Vegetable Oils and Butters
  • Nutritional Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements such as amino acids
  • Nutraceuticals such as Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, etc
  • Natural Foods such as Wheat Germ Oil, Lecithin, Honey
  • Pristine, high mountain water