The perfect combination of science + nature

When it comes to skin’s greatest challenges, all you want is relief… from pain, from itching, from the frustration that’s been your constant companion perhaps for a few years, perhaps for many. For some people, dry skin is not just an inconvenience, it’s a sentence. Others struggle with an irritation and angriness that never goes completely away.

So we understand that when you find that one thing that works, you stick with it. It becomes a “desert island” thing: one of the few possessions you’d want in your rucksack if you were stranded somewhere. We understand that we’re not just making a moisturizer, we’re not making just a cream or lotion. We’re combining the best of science and nature to create a life-saver. To us, perhaps, a salve. But to you, salvation. Your indispensible companion. The one you’d pack and take with you wherever you go.

We’ve combed the earth for you, and we would comb it again. Because we’ve learned that often when you seek, nature provides.

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